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The joy of being a home owner in New Zealand is also owning a garden – our very own garden, to garden in, …a first for me and the Kiwi.  In gardens live bugs, and in New Zealand they have their very own variety of bugs including the shudder-inducing weta.  Yeuch. :-0

Baby mantis

Baby mantis

Today, whilst hanging my washing up in the glorious spring sunshine I noticed some bright green out of the corner of my eye… so I turned my attention to the washing line frame to see a number of small, bright green things… and on closer inspection realised they were freshly hatched preying mantis’!  In the end there was around 10 of them!

The thought came to me of how to rid my washing line of them but the Kiwi assures me that we want preying mantis in the garden as they will eat the bugs we don’t want in the garden, if they don’t eat each other!

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