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All About the Girl


The blog title gives it away but let me introduce myself.  I am half Scottish (Dad) – half Italian (Mum), brought up in Scotland and married to a New Zealander.

I love good food and wine, travelling, reading, the occasional hillwalk, visiting interesting buildings/places, art galleries and going to the movies and theatre too. I have an interest in photography so all the photos that appear on my blog will be my own.  The Kiwi (my husband) and I have been taking Argentinian Tango dance lessons which were suspended due to my ankle injury for a while, but resumed when we spent time in Argentina last year but have waned again since arriving in New Zealand.

Always one for keeping in touch and communicating, writing letters (remember those days?!) to friends then moving on to emails, I also took to reviewing restaurants and hotels on Tripadvisor so the Kiwi decided I should have an outlet for my reviews, along with holiday diary and other chat! We embarked on a year long trip to Argentina, Australia and New Zealand which has now turned into an extended stay in New Zealand, so will be posting updates on progress with antipodean life.

Enjoy and feel free to let me know what you think by using the comment facility.


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  1. Johnny says

    Hi Paola,

    I am the owner / administrator of blog glasgow. Thanks for your entries my now blog site, they are much appreciated and most informative.

    I note from your latest post (27/02/2009) that you entered a link to this blog site. As you can imagine, I am keen to control the entry of un-approved links to blogglasgow and so to ensure an entry to your blog is included in blogglasgow (as it is most interesting) can I suggest we both employ recipricol links?

    Please email me at my provided mail address to discuss this further.

    Thanks again for your posts.

    Best regards,


  2. loretta says

    ciao paula!!!!Ma che bella esperienza che stai vivendo…………enjoy………and thanks for all the news! its as if i was there too………..Un abbraccio a te e matthew xxx

  3. andrew diamond says

    hi paola,
    told you i’d check the blog.
    wow, you have been busy !!

    hope you and matt are still having a blast.


  4. Hayley Hunt says

    Hey Paola!! It’s Hayley – your cousin Nick’s wife!! I think the last time you saw/spoke to me I was probably wearing a big white frock!!

    Got your web address from an e-mail you send to everybody, and I had only just recently asked about you and Matt to them so they kindly forwarded on your e-mail. Glad to see that you are having a fab time in NZ!!

    The website looks great and will take some time to have a look and try and experience things through you.

    Hope you and Matt are doing well and hopefully maybe catch up with you when you arrive back in the ‘Northern Hemisphere’!!

    Take care!!


  5. Judith Meakin says

    I am an artist looking for an image to paint of Kaiteriteri. Would you be prepared to sell it to me

  6. Paola says

    Hi Judith,
    Thanks. I will send you an email.

  7. fernando Hara says

    Hello i would like to send you by e-mail the press dossier of a new restaurant that we are about to open in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Thanks for your time.

  8. Bob Ong says

    Awesome information Paola !!!

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