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One Year

I am currently writing  this in LAX (Los Angeles Airport), as I journey home.  We will arrive back in Edinburgh a year to the day we left.  A year passed already!

We departed the UK with the view of travelling and living abroad (for me, travelling and returning home for the Kiwi) for a year.  We had two wonderful, amazing months in Argentina travelling around that marvellous country and soon realised that time flies by and wondered if a year would be enough.  After a visit to Australia to see family and friends, we reached New Zealand in mid May and it took us 6 weeks to find work arriving in Wellington in July.  Soon we realised that a year will be no time at all, all the while in some respects it sounding like a long time, and that maybe we need to spend longer in NZ.

So, we have decided that we will spend longer in New Zealand.  We are using our return ticket to visit family and friends, which we are soo excited about – we have missed them all so much and are looking forward to a couple of weeks of coffees, lunches, dinners, parties catching up with everyone!  But a one way ticket has been booked for our return… which is both exciting and a little scary.  Doing this trip reiterates just how far away New Zealand is! And an 11 hour stop in LA also reminds how frustrating the trip can be, not to mention the 4 hrs in Heathrow we have to look forward to!

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