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LAX – Worst Airport in the World?

Trapped in LAX – Los Angeles Airport – for 11 hrs we have been appalled at the lack of facilities at this airport, a major hub.  There are no showers for long-haul travellers to freshen up at, unbelievably for the USA there are barely any shops and hardly any restaurants of any decent quality(unless you consider McDonalds quality)! What is THAT about?!

Trying to kip in LAX

Trying to kip in LAX

We paid to gain access to a lounge so we could at least sit somewhere relatively comfortable – as there are not even many seated areas available either side of security – with refreshments and wifi to keep us sane.

LAX needs to learn from Hong Kong and Singapore Changi airports which are major hubs and realise that travellers on long haul trips may wish to shower to freshen up and even have a sleep or relax outstretched!

There are hotels that offer a day rate, which we arranged through the volunteers at Travellers Aid, but the shuttle didn’t bother to turn up! When we asked for further assistance we didn’t receive it, so returned to the Terminal and paid for the lounge instead… PAH!

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