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“Its the small things…

…in life that make us happy”.  For me, this week, it is a washing line – a Hills folding frame clothesline to be precise!  I know, I know, but read the intro to this post – it’s a wee thing but it makes me happy.

Having a dedicated laundry was a novelty as, like most UK homes, my washing machine was part of the kitchen for a long time, until we renovated the kitchen and housed the washing machine in a cupboard.  Most Kiwi homes have a separate home for the laundry and it’s fabulous but I am over that excitement now.

Like Edinburgh, Wellington is a little unpredictable when it comes to washing weather and, unlike Edinburgh, without central heating in the house drying clothes does become a bit of an issue when you have  run of rainy days and no tumble dryer.  Thus, my new folding frame clothes line, which is now situated under our car port, is a wee blessing which relieves the issue! I love it! 🙂

Come next NZ winter I would imagine a tumble dryer will be purchased (if I can fit it in the laundry, which I am not sure I can at the moment!) but in the meantime my washing will dry come rain or shine – yippee!

See, I am a simple girl at heart.

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