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Global Corporate Challenge – Done!

Back in May commenced participation in the Global Corporate Challenge and now, 120 days later, I am done!  The aim was to walk 10,000 steps a day, with the steps being added to my team of 7 to help us virtually walk around the globe.

In the end I walked 1,261,516 steps during the 120 day period which converts to 807 km and my personal best was 19,815 steps in one day.

Has it made a difference?  Well, I already walked to work which was worth 2,000+ steps each way anyway, in the office I walk around a lot and always took the stairs between floors so that didn’t change my habits but on days when things were hectic at work it did make me go out and take a walk to enable me to reach the 10,000 step target.

I can see that a few colleagues have changed their habits so that is great.  There is scope, if you are organised, to make it fun and a good team building tool and there is the added benefit of sponsoring school age children in the community to do the kids version, getting them away from the tv and pc’s to get some step work in!  I do think that the $110 per person registration fee is a bit on the steep side so I am not sure I will be convinced to push for our team to do it again.

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  1. Brad Booysen says

    Hi Paolo

    I’m Glad to hear that the program helped your colleagues form healthier habits. We offer a proudly NZ owned program called Walk 4 Life™ – Our pricing is a lot more competitive than GCC and we can completely customize the program to suit your company.

    You can view the program here

    I enjoyed reading your blog!