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One Year

15 May 2009 saw us arrive in New Zealand, year ago today! In some respects I can’t believe it is a year already, in other respects it feels longer.

In that time we spent 6 weeks in Auckland, moved to Wellington, travelled to Napier, Blenheim, Nelson, Bay of Plenty, Christchurch as well as discovering Wellington and it’s surrounding coast east and north west as well as returning back to the UK to see family and friends.

On the practical side we have found a car, a place to rent, jobs, I have re-applied for a Work Visa/Permit and for Permanent Residency and we have scoured the suburbs of Wellington for months and months with what seemed to be a vain attempt to buy a house and finally succeeded (more of that later).

I love New Zealand, it is a beautiful country with lots to offer. The downside? Not inconsiderable, it is just so blooming far away, from everything! I can’t wait to have family and friends visit as I want them to see and experience this fabulous country! Seems come September and October next year we may have a few visitors, for some strange reason!!

Happy One Year Anniversary to us! 🙂

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