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Voland Cottage, Port na Craig, Pitlochry, Scotland

Voland Cottage

Voland Cottage

The sweet hamlet of Port na Craig, on Pitlochry’s town edge, on the banks of the River Tummel sets the scene for your stay at Voland Cottage.  The cute 300 year old cottage houses two double bedrooms, one with a rather compact en-suite, generous kitchen and dark but pleasant living room, lovely bathroom and come summer weather a lovely rear garden decked and equipped for a summer barbeque.

Advertised as a luxury cottage Voland Cottage misses the mark of luxury, but it is a pleasant, comfortable and well located cottage making it a nice home from home.



A suggestions book shows the owners are proactive as it is clear they have taken on board some of the suggestions made.  I have to admit I made a list!  Cleaning standards were not quite high enough for a “luxury” stay, with dust behind the doors, grime marks in the en-suite bathroom and the back of the loo seat could have done with a good clean.  The en-suite  has an awkward  layout and the cistern detergent smell brought water to the eyes and meant the en-suite bathroom door must be kept shut over night for fear of suffocation!  Unfortunately the  door isn’t on a smooth runner so prepare to be woken at night if someone needs to pay a visit!  That all said, it wasn’t dirty, but wasn’t spotless.



The large kitchen is well equipped (lovely glasses!) and has a  great, if rather large, dining table which comfortably seats 6.  There is a supply of  spices in a well stocked spice rack and cleaning materials under the kitchen sink which was very handy.

It felt comfortable, pleasant and is located well, a walk across the foot bridge into Pitlochry, staggering distance to the Port na Craig Inn across the street and handy for lovely walks along the River as well as being handy for exploring some of Scotland.

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3 Responses

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  1. dave baxter says

    as the owner of voland im pleased that you have acknowledged that we take suggestions on board. The worst thing about the suggestion book for us is that much of it is ludicrous! i.e changing the fridge door or fencing off the front garden. The cleaning situation had already been brought to our attention and the company that did it we were at last able to replace. I realise blogs are of a very personal nature but most guests seem more than happy with the cottage layout so i guess i’m just going to have to accept that i cant please all the people all the time. We should have our own website soon which will remove a lot of the problems we accrued from the site we were on. we have recieved many repeat bookings already in our first year. The best suggestion we recieved was after guests wrote a full page of suggestions, the next people suggested that they chill out and get a life.

  2. Isabella Tobyn says

    We also stayed in Voland last year – and loved it. The cottage is atmospheric, the garden quaint and lovely, the location couldn’t be better. You have the best of both worlds – a short walk from the centre of Pitlochry, but also with a feeling of something more rural.

    I don’t care much for luxury – more something pretty with good furniture, comfy beds, proper showers and a bit of a personal touch to it. We never used the living room – perhaps because it was a bit dark, I don’t know. But the kitchen was used continuously. The table was perfect for us. And Dave was very kind in arranging for my shoes (left behind the kitchen door) to be returned to me. We have recommended Voland to all our friends and cannot wait to go back.

  3. cottage doors says

    @Dave Baxter
    Stayed there a few years ago – can’t see the point of the suggestions personally – but you shouldnt really criticise peoples suggestions, being as you do invite them.

    As said – get some brighter lights.. Many of the suggestions you recieved were probably from people a bit bothered by cleaning(!) or the fact the front rooms too dark to use.