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Port na Craig Restaurant

The historic building, apparently being established in 1650,  invites guests inside Port na Craig Inn and Restaurant and satisfies expectations of a cosy and pleasant interior – THIS is what you expect to find in a Scottish country restaurant!

Port Na Craig

Port Na Craig

With a quiet day due to the season and weather, we ended up the only guests that night for dinner, although in chatting with our lovely hostess certainly come the weekend and high season the place is busy enough to warrant booking well in advance to dine there and having dined there we can see the appeal.  Our friendly Polish hostess was helpful and professional providing excellent service throughout the evening, without making us feel we should rush out of the door so they could close up early (and they were kind enough earlier in the day to give us some olive oil for our own lunch preparations!).

Tart Starter

Tart Starter

The chicken liver pate with toast (£4.95) was a generous starter enjoyed by Papa, while the Kiwi enjoyed the Roast Goats Cheese and Red Onion tart (£4.95) with his only complaint being the daintily sized portion.

Mama and I had the main of Salmon with potatos which was a fine dish (15.95), doing exactly what it said on the tin, the Kiwi’s grilled ribeye with hand cut fries (£18.95) was fine and Papa said his mushroom risotto (£10.95) was good, so all enjoyed their mains without complaint.

The Lemon tart was ok, would have benefitted from more lemon filling which a touch more sharpness, in my opinion.

With plans afoot to create a conservatory overlooking the riverside Port na Craig is hitting all the right markers with a lovely location, lovely restaurant and good, uncomplicated food.

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