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Cafezique, Glasgow, Scotland

A friend wanted to take us to Cafezique for brunch, describing it as “the closest thing to a NYC cafe in Glasgow”.

Checking reviews the common denominator seemed to be people liked the place but the staff were slack, service was terrible.   Our friend found this to be the case, but being a high flyer in banking customer service, on her third visit she asked to speak to the manager to offer constructive criticism.  The manager had only been there 2 weeks with the full intention to sort service out and asked our friend to give it another 2 weeks, which she did.  Service has improved vastly! Well done Cafezique, Manager and staff!!

Eggs Bene

Eggs Bene

Bustling and rarely a table to spare, we ordered our brunch, I finally satisfied the desire for Eggs Bene.  Lovely fresh orange juice prepared my palate for the eggy delights to come… but didn’t prepare me for the soggy muffin lurking under my poached egg!  In transferring the poached egg onto the muffin it seems a generous spoonful of poached water also landed on one half of my muffin which made for a rather unpleasant texture.  Fortunately not all was lost, the other half was fine..

As for the full works breakfast, it hit the spot although again the poached eggs struck again making toast soggy, our friend’s poached eggs on toast was fine, after being sent back cos the wrong bread was toasted, and she was wise enough to ask for the toast to be on the side to avoid the soggy issue!

Satisfied we asked for the bill but after a long wait we headed to the till and sorted it out, but were given an apology for the wait – fair dues, he was very busy!

Cafezique, 66 Hyndland Street, Glasgow 0141 339 7180

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