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Seasonal holiday in Summer

I don’t celebrate Christmas but it is impossible to escape the celebration with Christmas lights decorating streets and homes, carols playing in shops and the build up to the holiday period surrounding it.

Three years ago we visited New Zealand in December, but it still doesn’t stop the celebration seem weird here as really it’s a winter celebration but here it is summer, Santa looks rather over dressed, mince pies seem too stodgy when there are fresh strawberries to enjoy, salads are more preferable to a roast dinner and the Christmas lights are a waste of electricity as it doesn’t get dark until late!  I actually think that people here go all out more here – you should see some homes,… actually you can’t see the house for all the lights and Xmas decorations they adorn the home with!!



We were in Auckland taking advantage of the time off work to spend it with the family and since it was a hot, sunny day we headed to the beach, of course.  As the time wore on the beach got busier with families having their Xmas lunch down at the beach with the BBQ (not the little throw away foil tray with charcoal you can buy in Tesco and the like in the UK, we are talking the full on BBQ with gas cylinder that could feed 50!) and large chilly bins full of supplies!  What summer days should be like!

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