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Cafe Botanic – Sunday Brunch Review

French Toast

French Toast

It seems to be quieter than the rest of the foody establishments around it, but nonetheless we tried Cafe Botanic, on Tinakori Road, for Sunday brunch.  The usual brunch suspects feature on the menu, as well as a few other interesting choices, but I opted for French Toast with berries and a side order of bacon.

A handsome plate of food arrived and I wondered how I would complete the task at hand, no stingy portions here.

All very tasty, hit the spot and reasonably priced, although I wasn’t sure the fruit compote was actually made on the premises… had a bit of a tinned taste to it.

The flat white coffee was truly dreadful, so I would say give the coffee a miss as it was burnt, left to run too long and there was no hint of micro-foam in the milk… In Wellington this is most disappointing!

With plenty of magazines to chose from, you can while away time here pleasantly enough, and is well suited to family groups, but I did feel it lacked …..something, but I can’t put my finger on it.  So, next time I will be trying somewhere else.

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  1. Matt says

    It’s the CSI effect – Las Vegas is a good series, but although the others tick the right boxes, they just aren’t the same.