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Car Crash – the saga continues


I am rather cross and frustrated, can you tell?

So, the girl that caused the car crash finally contacted her insurance company, Direct Line, and informed them of the crash after my telephone conversation with her. A very friendly chap called from Direct Line to say that since their customer caused the accident they will sort out the repair of my car and provide me with a hire car…. BUT my car had just been collected by Seafield Coachworks to be taken for assessment and repair through my insurance company! PAH! He said that they would contact Albany Assistance, the legal part of my insurance company, Diamond, and tell them they will foot the bill.

With being on holiday I didn’t take up the offer of the hire car, but since my car is still out of action I called late yesterday afternoon on return from holiday to arrange for a hire care to be delivered…. after a few phone calls today, I have been contacted by a disaffected woman at Fleet Services to be told that a car will be delivered to me tomorrow.  I said that I would like a car today, to be told “TOMORROW a car will be delivered, where shall we deliver it?” Nice.  When I asked her about the registration of the car for arranging a parking dispensation for my parking permit she kindly suggested that I park my car somewhere that doesn’t need a permit – I replied that I would need to park the car 3 miles away so there would be no point in having a car!! Grrrrr!

Having been dissatisfied with the customer service (it appears that most people who work in the service industry these days don’t seem to know what “Customer Service” actually is!) I called Albany Assistance to get a rather apathetic man from the North East of England telling me that I could send my concerns in a letter to them and in the meantime if I have to use public transport today I can send my receipts in for forwarding to the third party but they may not be met!

Helpful, eh?!

So, three weeks on from the accident and still not all sorted….. tick tock, tick tock.

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