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Car Crash – Concluded

Called Seafield Coachworks for an update and got the good news that the car would be ready to collect on Friday.  Got it, then as I was driving it I noted that the car was filthy inside.  We try to keep the car tidy and clean so I knew we didn’t hand it in like that, but there were marks and dirt and dust all over the upholstery and interior of the car.  I called them on Saturday to complain and was told to take the car back when I could for them to clean it, which I did on the today.  Then the Kiwi noted that there was a ridge on the new back bumper, so that needed attention to… got some story I can’t be bothered repeating, but with a bit of polishing and sanding they smoothed it out… after I sat for over an hour waiting for them to sort it out, still not completely happy with it but they are firm that is the best they can do…..

So, 5 weeks from the car accident that is the car repaired and returned….

Now we need to sort out the whip-lash treatment claim….

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