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Car Crash, continued

Well, the silly bisum that crashed into the back of me STILL hasn’t contacted her insurance company to inform them of the accident! DOH! So, meanwhile my insurance company has instructed Solicitors and I am having to sign my life away on credit agreements, etc, in order to get my motor fixed….. grrrrrr! The guy that I crashed into is equally irritated and running out of patience.  He has called the girl’s insurance company, Direct Line, and they have said that their client gets 14 days to report the crash before they can progress matters further…!! 14 days!? They have written to her and are waiting for her to respond.  Surely it’s not that complicated, to figure out that when you crash into someone you need to call your insurance company to let them know?

I spoke to said silly bisum this morning, and I asked her to pass my details on to her insurance company and she asked me if I had spoken to my insurance company already… YEH! The day the accident happened! She seemed surprised…. I took the opportunity when speaking with her to apologise for my outburst, I said that I was shocked, upset and it blurted out before I composed myself, and she then said that she suffers from depression and anxiety and because of my outburst that is why she left the scene!! Great.

I spoke to the chap I had bumped into and he said that I really wasn’t that bad at all, and thinks we have both been perfectly reasonable with her, but she needs to get her finger out to start getting it all resolved…. tick tock, tick tock, it is now 10 days since the accident occurred…. and I don’t know how many phonecalls later.

Anyway me motor is offskey to the coach works to get looked over and hopefully fixed.  I would rather it went to the garage I bought it from but this is the way my insurance company, Diamond, wants it to be done… We shall see.

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