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Scotland – Summer Isles Hotel, Achiltibuie

For our first wedding anniversary we decided on a trip up north staying in places known for fabulous food. Summer Isles Hotel was the most remote place we went to, and we loved it. We were accommodated in what was the lowest tariff room in the place… and felt like we were being punished for it! The room itself was clean, comfortable although a bit sparse, but the bathroom was a disgrace for such an establishment! It was old, falling apart and had no shower – we were given a plastic shower attachment you stick onto the bath taps to use!
BUT, the food…ahh, the food! My husband is a New Zealander and chatted with the Kiwi sommelier about wine which was clearly a passion of his. Pre dinner drinks and canapes were served in the lounge before dinner and it was lovely – even although we realised that we were bringing down the average age of all the others present by quite a margin ! If you like the loud, London hunting-fishing-shooting crowd you would feel very comfortable there!!
Five course dinner was an extravaganza and the staff were helpful, friendly and enthusiastic about the food they were serving which added to the experience.
Would happily eat here again, but not fussed about the accommodation there as felt it was a rip off… of course, the accommodation choices are such that you may not have a choice!! Someone should open up a lovely B & B there, then you could enjoy the food at Summer Isles then retire to a less pretentious and more comfortable accommodation!
Breakfast was amazing, but after all that food at dinner, who wants breakfast!

Stayed/ate there – June 2003

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