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WBC Restaurant, Wellington

We were off to a good start. As we ascended the stairs to WBC Restaurant on Victoria Street, guests descended telling us “You’re going to LOVE it!”. Great, bring it!

Sure enough the, more compact than expected, restaurant had a table free however there was a caveat – we had to relinquish the table at 8.30pm. I questioned the fact they don’t take bookings, however for big groups later in the evening they do, and they had. I explained we were celebrating so didn’t want to be rushed, so a compromise was met that we’d move when another table came free. Within five minutes of sitting down, we were told they’d made other arrangements and we could have the table for as long as we want – perfect! Great customer service.

The menu did need a bit of explaining, such as what was Laab moo and Chook chook chicken, but all the descriptions confirmed that it was yummy food combinations.

We were with our Auckland Whanau, the Kiwi’s sister and brother in law, celebrating their 18th wedding anniversary, and after a round of cocktails we started with four small plates, so we could each taste everything ordered. The waitress was delightful, friendly and helpful with a bit of fun and also discernment on when to leave us to contemplate.

The special small plate of Tuatua fritters were a sensation – pillows of subtle flavour behind the dark, fried skin, with a lovely aioli. Heavenly. The Laab moo was rich in the winning combination of chilli heat and fresh flavours. Pork and shitake dumplings were just right. Tom yum squid was covered with a light batter and deliciously devoid of rubberiness.

For the main event, the anniversary couple decided to do the ‘Boots n all’ Wagyu Beef – at $76 this was a great choice, as it came with a healthy portion of beautifully cooked wagyu beef on a bed of greens, with a lovely gravy and porcini mushrooms, grilled asparagus and fabulous duck fat cooked potatos.

The kiwi had the most tender Penang beef cheek curry, and I had the warahau fish – with beautifully crispy skin and still moist and perfectly cooked flesh, on coconut rice served with a refreshing cucumber mint salad and tamarind – just beautiful.


Two of us caved to the short dessert menu, with brother in law having the Lemon curd Eton and I enjoyed the Mango mousse with coconut custard, light and tasty.

Really and truly, it was all flawless, faultless and so damn tasty. My only irritation for the evening was why I hadn’t experienced this fabulous dining experience before now! The urban interior was cleverly softened by materials to ensure although a bustling restaurant, you could still chat and enjoy conversation. Staff are attentive – I saw that each time a table was moved a waiter ensured there was no irritating wiggle to annoy guests with. Staff were busy, charming, attentive and discerning – so good we left a tip, which we don’t do often in New Zealand.

I think I am in love!

WBC Restaurant, 1st Floor, 107 Victoria Street, Wellington 

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