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I did it.  I caved.  I am now the (proud?) owner of a Smartphone.

Having dismissed the i-phone craze and smartphones with it, the Kiwi and I recently admitted we did need to invest in new mobile phones.  After considerable research we also agreed it was time to step into the brave new world of smartphone technology.

For Apple lovers out there, yes they are well designed, yes it’s even a little sexy and yes, it’s absolutely marketed like a dream and I truly believe that is Apple’s USP.  But I don’t buy into it.  Apple is a wee bit like a religion and I don’t share your faith.  Apple burned their bridges with me years ago thanks to a dodgy i-pod and shocking customer service which saw me throw out my i-pod as it was so useless, turn my back  on Apple and never return to the fold.

So, rejecting i-phones what did we get?  The wonderful Samsung Galaxy SII – vivid, fast, slim.  A few i-phone users have drooled over it, by the way.

Out with the old, in with the new

Out with the old, in with the new

A few frustrating days followed (keeps you young?) as we tried to get used to scrolling with our fingers, texting with either swipe or tapping a screen, making revolutionary discoveries about settings and capabilities and having access to the internet in our pocket! I have been nose to the Gorilla® Glass for the past few months and have emerged a Tweeting-junkie! …hence the lack of blogs 🙁

Yes, I have joined those people with their head down scrolling across the phone glass, flicking through the News apps, checking Twitter, Facebook and ignoring everyone else’s existence on the train into work and that wonderful view of Wellington Harbour as we come down the hill.  At home I watch TV and pick up my phone and check Tweets to see what others are saying, commenting at times on what I am viewing despite the fact I am not really viewing it as I am Tweeting.  My cocktail habit is public knowledge! And with my 8 megapixel camera I am ready to see film stars and snap away, but have yet to see one since the phone purchase, of course!

Everything is now up for photo, comment or relating instantly.  When with friends the phone comes out to search Google or one of the apps relating to the topic of discussion.  Blogging seems so much more effort when I can simply text a thought, observation or image.

A bit of time has passed and I am settling down, regaining control of my life!  Is it good to be this connected, this available, this exposed?  Time will tell.  Interestingly I feel I am less connected to my friends, as I read their emails on my phone and can’t be bothered trying to send a reply on the phone as it will take an age tapping away at the screen, so I feel I am not keeping in touch as meaningfully as usual.  The laptop at home remains off, so skype or Googlechat isn’t logged on, thus cutting family and friends off a bit more.  (Haven’t set up Skype on the phone yet).

I do find it a little creepy, the thought that my phone can easily tell where I am at any time.  So much so, the fabulous GPS remains off! Tweets from people showing where they are freak me out on their behalf!  I read the conditions of apps before installing and a few haven’t been updated as I find their conditions completely invasive of my privacy, so I am not ready to completely yield to this connected world!  Long may this continue.

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