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50 days…

Edinburgh sunset

Edinburgh sunset

1230 hours left in Edinburgh. We have done it, we have resigned from our jobs, served notice on our flat, flights are booked and we are going!
The plan? Argentina, for eight weeks, ten days in Australia, then onward to Auckland, New Zealand. Then find work and a place to live! Exciting, nerve-racking, stressful and busy. Lists are being formed, plans are being made, research is being done.
First slip up? In order to get my visa/permit for New Zealand I need to complete and application form and send documentation to support said application, including a Police Report. I imagined I would go to Fettes HQ or local Police Station and get the report easily enough, but not so much! I needed to complete a form, pay £10 fee and wait… up to 40 days! I got the Scottish report very quickly, but the Police National Computer for the UK is in London, and they give a lead time of 40 days! Doh! As it is, I now have the report so it actually took around 21 days, so I can now send off my application.
Storage is another interesting one. No-one wants to give you a quote first, but they will all compete on price with their competitors. And what a price, the price per sq ft would actually get you rental of a lovely flat in Edinburgh! But it’s necessary, so you bite the bullet.
As for saying goodbye to family and friends? Well, trying not to think about that. Over the years I have been blessed with wonderful friends, and I have said goodbye to many of these friends as they have moved on. So, to finally be the one doing the leaving is very strange. They talk of how exciting it is, but at the moment I feel like I am discussing someone else’s plans, I can’t believe that I am the one doing the trip! These days technology can help with the goodbyes – email, facebook, skype, cheaper telephone calls abroad will all help maintain the best of friendships, or so I certainly hope!

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  1. Julia says

    Hi Paola&Brett, Julia here.Thinking of you as you pack up your life in the UK.I did it a long time ago.It’s a strange feeling reducing your belongings to a couple of suitcases but you know what?We do amass a lot of c**p that we don’t need & it was a good feeling to get rid of most of it.Think I need to do that again.Lots of love, Ju x

  2. Mila Middleton says

    I left home at 16 for 3 months and 44 years later I ams still in Scotland. We are going to miss you very much but you are going to have the greatest adventure and when you look back you will be glad you took the opportunity when you could. I am just hoping that two of you will go and three of you come back….or two and a half…..

    M xxx