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Izzi – Sushi and Sashimi

Friday night and the lights are low, looking out for a place to go with friends, so they chose Izzi as they were in the mood for Sushi.  It wouldn’t be my first choice but I do enjoy sushi so the Kiwi and I accepted the invite.  Situated on Lothian Road, Izzi has been open for quite a few years now and this was the first time I ventured through their door.

The Californian in our group has dined in Izzi regularly and knows the manager, Jonathon, so she ordered mizo soup and a selection of sushi and sashimi for us, mainly not from the menu. The menu is going to be revamped early 2009 and Jonathon was trying out some new things on us too, and all tasted great! 4 out of the 5 of us stated that we didn’t want to eat eel, but in the end our favorite sushi was actually the caterpillar (named after the look of it) which contained….. eel!!

Yummy fishiness

Yummy fishiness

The staff were sweet but extremely dizzy and after asking for beers 3 times we were finally successful in receiving these.  Also, we ordered a second round of food, just a couple of this and that and ended up with a platter bigger than the first order,…so you wouldn’t go for the service.  But the fish was great, fresh and tasty and looked splendid.  We paid £36 each including drinks – sake, beers included.  Not a cheap night out but for a change and for fresh, tasty fish it was a lovely once-off.  If you are sitting at a table by the window, bring a jumper or scarf… bit fresh!

Izzi, 119 Lothian Road, Edinburgh, Scotland  T: 0131 446 9888

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