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Bullet, Covent Garden, London – coffee

Despite featuring in lists of best coffee in London, I was thoroughly disappointed and wished I had never made the effort to seek out Bullet to give their flat white coffee a try.  Found on the third floor of Snow & Rock store, a small cafe was run by a Spanish girl and a dizzy London lady on the day I visited.

I asked if they served food and the dizzy one gave me a list of all the cakes that were clearly in my view – so I thought that they only did cakes…. then later I realised they did offer soup, sandwiches, panini, etc! Really tho, I was here for the coffee,…give me the coffee!

It arrived with a smudged attempt at latte art, was lukewarm and bitter.  BAH! One of the best coffees in London… I think not! In Time Out’s review it suggested there were Kiwi barristas producing great coffees but that was not the case on my visit – maybe they have moved on or they don’t do weekends… but they were a great miss!  The coffee was burnt and had been left to run too long and the milk was obviously sitting from the last round of coffee making. Sloppy, very sloppy.

As for the food, the soup was watery and average, the blueberry muffin a little stale and lacking in flavour.

Shop in Snow & Rock as you desire (great selection of Icebreaker gear!), but shop elsewhere for your great coffee, unless you like very average coffee, food and service.


Bullet, Third Floor, Snow & Rock, 4 Mercer St, WC2H 9QA (020 7836 4922) Covent Garden tube.

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