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Ondine Restaurant, Edinburgh

Back in Edinburgh to visit family, we took the opportunity to catch up with old friends, one rendezvous taking place at Ondine seafood restaurant, as booked by one friend who has decided that when going out she only wants to go somewhere nice. We were happy to try it as to us it’s ‘new kid on the block’, now we don’t live in Edinburgh.

The restaurant provides a lovely space, dominated by a circular bar and a lovely circular bay window looking over George IV Bridge and the top of Victoria Street in the city’s old town. The wait staff are smart, professional and friendly.

We shared six oysters (£18) from different locations across the UK and Ireland, then the starters came out including the Razor clam salad (£15) and the Fish soup (£9).  Both declared ‘the best I’ve ever tasted’, and in the case of the Fish soup that compliment comes from a former staff member of Rogano in Glasgow who knows his soups!  The Razor clam salad was light, fresh and tasted of spring with it’s peas and broad beans.

Ondine dishes

Ondine dishes

Unfortunately, my pet hate of ’nice restaurants’ came to the fore as Ondine charge handsomely for their mains, then tell you that you are only getting half a dish for the price, and in order to complete the meal they suggest you may need to spend a further £4 on a side – my words, of course, not theirs – and a ‘couple should do’, their words this time.  When I and others cook dinner we make a whole dish, so why can’t restaurants?!
Despite that irritation, my Lemon sole with brown shrimps, lemon and parsley dish (£25) was delicious.  The Monkfish Curry (£26) was not quite as expected when you think of a curry, but tasty.  However the Scallops with charentaise sausages and garlic butter (£26) was a stingy dish, with only three scallops and cocktail sausage size sausages, although, again, it was delicious.
There is no doubt the food is good, the venue is lovely and the service meets a high standard, so you will have a good night at Ondine.  That said, for the prices charged, I think putting a little buttered spinach or a potato on the side of a main to complete the dish is not too much to ask!
My other restaurant pet hate relates to gratuities.  On discussing this at the table our waiter, when asked, informed us that the tips are shared equally among the staff, as they work as a team to create the environment in the restaurant.  That gets my vote of approval!
Ondine, 2 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh

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