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Good customer service

I love good customer service!  Who wouldn’t?!  I would say that in general retail customer service in New Zealand is pretty darn impressive, certainly when comparing it to the indifferent service level offered in the UK.  Every shop you enter in NZ finds you receiving a greeting, whether it’s a shoe shop or pharmacy, and an offer of assistance.

Today I had another nice experience.  After struggling to find Filofax diary refills (none of this electronic diary stuff for me, thanks) I went to Filofax’s website and made contact with a Kiwi distributor of Filofax, Eurobrands.

A swift response from Eurobrands pointed me in the direction of Zany, copied into Eurobrand’s email to me, who could take my order and send it out to me.  Zany received the cc’d email and took the liberty of emailing me the details of the products available and confirming how I could order, which I promptly did.  My 2011 diary is on it’s way.

Fabulous! Don’t you just love good customer service?!

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  1. Mila Middleton says

    I too love good customer service. Sadly there is little of it about. Well done NZ.