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Best Muffins in New Zealand…

..are to be found in Featherston!

BEST Muffin

BEST Muffin

I like muffins.  When I want something a little naughty but not too sweet they tend to hit the spot.  Light, airy, moist and flavoursome – yum.  Unfortunately all the muffins I have tried in New Zealand thus far have been devoid of flavour, dry and chalky – and I have now tried a few!  My mother-in-law reminded me that Kiwis tend to butter their muffins, to make up for how dry they are.

After a visit to Martinborough we stopped in Featherston to visit Cornucopia.  Dave Smith, who writes reviews for The Wellington Guide, had raved about the place after his visit there for the Guide.  We found it winding down to closing time at 4pm but had enough time to order a coffee and cake.  The muffins looked enticing, but I decided to throw down the gauntlet and said that all muffins in NZ so far had been a disappointment, was their muffin going to do the same?  NO came the confident reply.

And she was right!! Apricot and pistachio muffin actually tasted of apricots and pistachios, it was light, airy and moist and an absolute heavenly delight! YAY!  Delicious muffins do exist in New Zealand…. all the way out in Featherston, tho!

Choc tart

Choc tart

The Kiwi had a chocolate tart which he enjoyed, saying it was not too sweet, just enough of a bitter bite and a good size that he felt satisfied.

Open from 8.30am, I will look forward to another visit to Cornucopia to try their other delicatessen and patisserie delights.

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  1. Avalon says

    Oooh every time I go past ther e- they are shut 🙁 So ill make a special effort over the holidays to go grab a coffee 🙂

  2. Paola says

    I hope you find them open!! Enjoy. 🙂