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Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

Colonial cute

Colonial cute

For a change of scenery we booked the Buquebus ferry from Buenos Aires, for around $400 AR for the two of us,  across the bronze waters of the Rio del Plata to Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay, the country being a former district in Argentina before being given independence. The Ferry terminal in BA was rather impressive, efficient and worth a visit on it’s own!  We found it easier to book the ferry at the Buquebus office, rather than online, to ensure we got the special rate they were offering. 

Arriving at Colonia there are plenty options open to visitors for getting around. You can hire golf carts, bicycles, cars and scooters. We opted for getting around on our own steam, by foot, as it is quite a small town! The cute character areas to visit are all by the water and closely located to the ferry, but if you wanted to explore further a field or are travelling with small children then the golf carts are a popular choice for getting around and ensuring you see all the sights.

The pace is in a completely different gear in Colonia, so you instantly feel you are somewhere different after the fast, noisy pace of BA. The town was only stirring at 10am.

There are plenty places to eat, but finding a place that is reasonable and serving tasty food may be more of a struggle. Be prepared – no Argentine portions over here!  Places do accept Argentine pesos, but don’t expect the rate given to be favourable! 

Vintage Colonia

Vintage Colonia

The cobbled streets reminded me of Portugal and Spain, and indeed one street is built in Portugese style, so for Europeans it will seem familiar, but with a South American feel. We spent the late afternoon in the garden of a restaurant having cocktails and watching the vibrant orange sunset fall over the harbour before it was time to saunter back to the basic ferry terminal – a new, and rather impressive looking, terminal is currently in construction.

For a change of pace it was a lovely day trip, but the costs involved also make it an expensive day trip, when a trip to El Tigre could give you the same relaxed pace and change of city scene, but a nice day was had by all regardless.

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