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Barca Tapas & Cava Bar, Glasgow – Lunch

Wanted a quick lunch so decided we would stop at Barca Tapas & Cava Bar as we enjoy tapas and thought it would hit the mark… but it did not in so many ways!

Service was lacklustre, with only one girl breaking her back to get food out and the rest wandering about trying to avoid eye contact with customers lest they should actually ask them for something – took 3 attempts to get the bill so we could get out of there!  Food was tasteless, lacking in presentation and any sort of Spanish passion, despite the Spanish presence in the kitchen.  The pan seared chicken with lemon, which had some paprika bunged over it before being served, lacked any sort of seasoning and certainly no lemon or time spent in a pan being seared, the crab tarts were a cold, wet concoction of blandness, the lamb stew was a redeeming dish although only reaching the dizzying description of “OK”.

Please, don’t waste your time…. I couldn’t be bothered taking any photos as I didn’t feel the food deserved such attention.

Barca Tapas & Cava Bar, Princes Square, Glasgow.

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