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Artisan Roast, Coffee – Edinburgh

Flat white

Flat white

New Zealanders take their coffee very seriously and I noted that you can consistently get a great coffee no matter where you go in New Zealand….unlike in the UK! I am not a fan of ‘Charbucks’, known to most as Starbucks, and the like as it seems the “baristas” in these establishments have no love of coffee nor appear to have any desire to make a great cup every time (I know that is a sweeping generalisation but it is based on my experience thus far).

So, to our delight Artistan Roast opened up on Broughton Street, selling freshly roasted coffee beans – and found out that antipodeans were behind the venture, of course! The staff are enthusiastic about their coffee and the blends they create and should be a haven for coffee lovers. It really was a place to pop in to get a coffee or buy freshly roasted beans, but it seems from my last visit that they have become popular and now succumbed to open the back room of the shop and made it into an artisan coffee stop, furnished with artisan wooden coffee tables and caffitiere lights.

Unfortunately the day we visited I found that the place was rather dirty, and I felt I couldn’t enjoy my coffee as I wondered what germs were lurking! Most unfortunate as I would love to love this place! I like the fact the room hasn’t been tarted up too much and you can imagine what and even who used to inhabit this room in decades gone by and the coffee bean hessian bags are appropriate wallpaper.  But does being artisan mean being dirty?

I really enjoyed coffees in Wellington and Kilimanjaro – using Artisan Roast coffee beans – and in much cleaner environments!

I am giving them the benefit of doubt – do give it a try if you are a coffee lover, hopefully we just caught them on a bad day!

Artisan Roast, 57 Broughton Street, Edinburgh EH1 3RJ

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